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Within a larger block of approximately 172m children at risk, India is estimated to have nearly 35m children in need of care and protection. Many of these either have no families, or cannot safely be repatriated to them, and they fall under the protection of the JJ Act. Their adverse childhood experiences (ACE) are often further compounded by the effects of institutionalisation, with long term outcomes noticeably worse than their peers in family based poverty.

Make A Difference has pioneered new research into long term outcomes for these children.

The following are some of the Vulnerable Groups that comprise the CNCP

  1. Street children
  2. Orphaned, abandoned and destitute Children
  3. Working children
  4. Abused children
  5. Children who are victims of Commercial Sexual Exploitation and Trafficking
  6. Children engaging in substance abuse
  7. Children in conflict and disaster situations
  8. Children in families ‘at-risk’
  9. Differently-abled children
  10. Mentally ill children
  11. HIV / AIDS-affected / infected children
  12. Juveniles in conflict with the law