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Approach of Kajla Janakalyan Samity

In the year 1945 considering the socio-economic condition of the community where there were acute problem of accessing essential aspects viz food insecurity, poor communication & telecom facility, poor education and health opportunities etc there were urgency to develop village infrastructure viz. Construction of roads, schools, hospitals, supplying food and fodder etc. For that purpose the organization was motivated to follow the philanthropic and welfare approach.

Before 1990 the socio-economic condition of the people had been upgraded; condition of roads, health services, education facilities etc had been improved. But some cultural changes had taken place; morality and values of people had gone downward and people became over dependent on services and amenities provided by the Government and other institutions. As a consequence, creative and positive thinking hardly lasted in the minds of people. Indiscrimination, corruption, violence, injustice and selfishness had taken place in the society. For that purpose the organization worked to develop alternative model for people to bring back their positive and creative attitude.

In this manner another decade gone but social evils viz. Corruption, indiscrimination, violation of human rights etc have gone high and public distribution system and other basic services and amenities have gone private. In addition to that people were devoid of constitutional rights. Since as per our constitutional provision the Government is accountable to fulfill basic needs of people. The organization believes that development is not possible until people become aware of their rights and raise their voice to fulfill their basic needs. For that purpose the organization follows the Rights based integrated approach.

1945-1990:  - Philanthropy & Welfare approach

1990-2000:  - Sustainable Development approach

2001-till date:  - Right based Integrated Development approach