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What kind of expertise exists in Kajla Janakalyan Samity?

Child Centric joyful and quality education, production of chapter / lesson-wise and subject-wise teaching learning aids, classroom transaction and management, teachers’ training, building and nurturing Model Child Centric and Friendly Schools (Govt. as well as those run by KJKS), Right To Education and school safety.

What are we doing with stakeholders?

Engaging with District Primary School Council (DPSC), District Programme Officer – Primary Education under “Sarva Shiksha Mission” (DPO), District Inspector of Schools – Primary Education (DI), Sub-Inspector of Schools – Primary Education (SI) and school teachers with regards to proper implementation of the provisions under Right To Education (RTE), developing teachers’ capacity in the realm of Classroom management, production of chapter / lesson-wise and subject-wise teaching learning aids, developing of child friendly schools, developing school safety programme, and developing nutrition and kitchen gardens in schools for quality Mid-day Meals. All these collaboration aim at quality education, enhanced learning outcome and school retention.

At the level of Networking, Advocacy, Government liaising and strategic engagement with the Media, KJKS and its Director being the Founding Members of West Bengal Education Network (WBEN) since its inception in 1995-96, has spearhead several advocacy processes from the district till the State and National levels with several govt. level stakeholders, Duty Bearers and Policy Makers. Today these efforts have enable WBEN to reach 12 districts of West Bengal and strategically support some of the other Networks at the State and National Level like “State Education Chapter” and “Right To Education Forum-National”.

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Kajla Janakalyan Samity

The organization facilitates to empower relatively deprived people to fight against all sorts of exploitation, deprivation, discrimination and injustice.

The organization creates alternative and innovative service models that influence others.

Kajla Janakalyan Samity .