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Pritam Purakit back in school

Kantakhali village is most disadvantage village in Mohonpur where maximum people’s livelihood based on embroidery and handicraft, Parents are  maximum time engage on this  particular work as result they did not care her children properly,  as result non school going and absenteeism is high. So Kajla Janakalyan Samity (KJKS) running tuition centre and education support center for the dropout & irregular student. A tuition center and education support center running at same place of Kantakhali village under Mohonpur Gram Panchayet as per the need of the children. Pritam Purkait is a 14 year old student of Mohonpur KKGC Institution and lives in Kantakhali village under Mohonpur Gram Panchayet. His father, mother and grand-mother work hard to earn bread for the family. When he was in class-VIII he decided to stop her education because of economical problems and also he is poor in education. The community teacher Mrs. Rama Mondal of Kajla Janakalyan Samity noticed this scenario and visited PRITAM`S family, Due to KJKS initiatives Pritam Grand-mother decided not to stop her education in spite of all family problem and also Local Village level child protection committee member talk to school authority for re-admission, Now Pritam admission in Class IX at Mohonpur KKGC Institution and he is continuing to school. Pritam become a member of Village Level Child Protection committee of Kantakhali village and he is visited each and every house for education of children. He thanks to community teacher of KJKS for being an inspiration for his education.

Shakir is a Changemaker

Shakir is one of the Action For Equality-AFE graduates and shared his story of enjoying “son” privileges in his family. He has three sisters and he is the youngest and feels this programme has helped him to evolve as a responsible family member.  After enrolling into the Programme, his views on gender relations and child marriage have drastically changed. His father was intending to get his third daughter married and stopping her education. Shakir didn't find anything wrong about girl child marriage earlier however after Action For Equality-AFE sessions his attitude has changed towards it.  He convinced his father that his sister should be allowed to study further and build her career.

Changemaker Sahil

Sahil and his friends actively fought for the right of a girl to education from his community, by involving authorities and stakeholders from the community. He believes that he fought for her right to study, also upholding the importance of her consent to marriage.

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